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Additional Products


The ION SOURCE is a broad spot inert gas ion source with a control unit for in-situ sputter cleaning of sample surfaces before to analysis by techniques such as XPS, UPS and LEED.


The power supply contains control circuits for the filament current and the emission. The power supply displays the filament current, the anode voltage — alternatively to the target current — and the emission in analogue and decimal form.

Front panel potentiometers allow set up of the filament current, focus, emission and anode voltage.

Low Temperature Measurement Head

Measurement head (drawing)

Detail view of the sample position (a Si temperature sensor is mounted to measure the true temperature)

Complete measurement head with cryostat


Temperature curve of the sample and cryostat versus time, liquid He consumption 2.2 l/hour.

The measurement head is completely shielded by the cap of the cryostat.

Metal Evaporator with 8 boats

The 8-cell UHV Metal Evaporator is ideally suited to screening evaporation of metallic substances from the submonolayer regime to complete films. Due to Molybdenum or Tungsten boats, the material can be heated to high temperature. A Shutter in combination with a quartz microbalance guarantees a defined and reproducible film growth.

Evaporator with one hole shutter, manually adjustable power supply

Long Z range manipulator

for horizontal use and x,y movability

Side view of the 1500 mm stroke manipulator. Z-Movement is carried out by a stepper motor.

x-y movement is realized by support table (y direction) and adjusting screw for fixing the x, y position.

The manipulator allows electrical- and cooling feedthroughs for different kinds of manipulator heads:

UHV Synchro Manipulator
y,x,z Stepper (motor driven)

Heating of the sample: