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TCE-S (4 - cell + shutter)

This evaporator contains four heater cells inside which are identical to the other products. The TCE-S evaporator is equipped with a shutter that allows instant stopping of the coating process.

Due to the need of two flanges backside for electrical- and rotary- feed through, a Flange Multiplexer is used.

This version can easily be upgraded by the z-travel unit. Due to another free CF16 flange backside for pumping down, the TCE-S evaporator can be Locked In/Out.

TCE-BS (4 - cell + shutter + retractable)

The TCE-BS is the complete version of the 4-cell evaporator. Equipped with a corner- and gate- valve, four materials can be exchanged without breaking the vacuum of the main chamber.

The diagram shows the thermal characteristic of the four cells, if one cell is heating. The cell on the opposite site of the heated cell indicate the lowest crosstalk.