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KENTAX GmbH is a small, highly specialized company that develops, builds, tests and distributes UHV devices to research institutes worldwide
located in 30926 Seelze, near Hannover (Germany).
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Evaporator with z-travel unit and valve
Evaporator TCE-BCS+valve
point source
Point source
preparation chamber
Uni-preparation chamber
projection pattern
Projection Patterns
Manipulator Head
e-beam heater

JUMO PID-Regler diraTRON104

JUMO diraTRON104

Only available for a short time
and in limited quantities:
new PID controller with and without RS485 interface!

Price without RS485 interface: 200€,
5 units available
Price with RS485 interface: 250€,
10 units available

For order and detailed information please contact us!

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